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Public transportation in Western Australia

Public transportation began in Western Australia in 1831 with a very basic ferry service, however, this service was short lived. In 1836 the first reliable ferry service between Perth and Fremantle was established. On 1 July 2003 the Public Transport Authority Act 2003 was introduced and the Public Transport Authority (“PTA”) was formed to manage the delivery of public transport in Western Australia.

During the 2017 / 2018 financial year the PTA spent $1.470 billion on delivering metropolitan and regional bus, train, ferry and freight services and regional school bus services. These services were used over 139 million times during the period.    


How could public transport cause you a personal injury?

The use of public transportation in Western Australia has grown steadily over time. Recently, general societal concern about environmental issues, sustainable living and urban congestion has led to an increase in demand for a more extensive public transportation system. As the footprint of the public transport system has expanded and become more complex, more and more West Australian’s have come into contact with PTA vehicles, employees, equipment and property.         

Given the size and scope of the PTA’s operations there are a number of ways that you could sustain a personal injury and it be in some way related to the PTA. Here, some examples of these injuries include:  

  • being involved in an accident with a bus as a car driver, passenger, motorcyclist, pillion passenger, cyclist or pedestrian;
  • being involved in an accident with a ferry as a operator or passenger of a boat or water craft; 
  • sustaining an injury while using a public bus, train or ferry;
  • sustaining an injury through a slip, trip or fall at a bus, train or ferry station;
  • being injured in an assault on public transport or at a public transport station; and 
  • being injured at work as a PTA employee or a contractor to the PTA.   


If you suffer an personal injury in any of these scenarios it may be possible to make a compensation claim. Please call Separovic Injury Lawyers as soon as practicable after your accident to confirm whether you could lodge a claim.  

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Injured by a bus as a road user? Can you claim personal injury compensation?

If you were a car driver, passenger, motorcyclist, pillion passenger, cyclist or pedestrian and were injured in an accident with a bus operated by the PTA, you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation. Here, it would need to be established that the driver of the bus was either totally or partially at fault for causing the accident. If it can be established that a bus driver operated a PTA bus negligently and caused a personal injury a compensation claim could be lodged with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia.     


How is the Insurance Commission of Western Australia involved in my public transportation related compensation claim?   

The Insurance Commission of Western Australia provides government agencies and departments with self-insurance and reinsurance products which help these organisations to manage risk and legal liabilities that arise from the growing range of activities and services that are made available to members of the West Australian community.   

The Insurance Commission of Western Australia provides insurance coverage to all of its agencies in regards to any loss, damage or liability that arises from the operation of a government motor vehicle. This coverage is also extended to property damage and personal injuries suffered by third parties due to the negligent driving of a West Australian government vehicle. Put simply, this means that if you are injured in an accident involving the negligent operation of a government vehicle you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim. In these situations the Insurance Commission of Western Australia will be the insurer that the claim is lodged with.       


How can we help you further with an injury that was caused in some way by the public transportation system?   

As we have explained, it is possible to be injured in many different ways while using or interacting with the public transportation system. Separovic Injury Lawyers have successfully assisted many clients that have suffered personal injuries on or in the public transportation system. Don’t delay and call us now if you need to make a motor vehicle accident, workers’ compensation, public liability or criminal injury compensation claim regarding an injury linked to the public transportation system.